Welcome to Shopoza.com, we are your world-class provider of authentic lifelike sex dolls for your ultimate sexual pleasures. All of our dolls offer authentic silicone materials to enhance your sexual experience with them and to make them feel as close to a real woman as possible. We only offer dolls that simulate real women so that your experience with them is as good as it gets.

We provide 100% discreet shipping and use only the highest quality materials in every single sex doll. Check out our selection of gorgeous babes and order one today to have the time of your life! Shopoza.com was founded in 2013 with the mission to provide everyone with the best sex dolls in the world and to provide the ultimate sexual satisfaction. Shopoza began out of a need for a legitimate and high quality sex doll in the market place. The Shopoza team has a combined 8+ years of experience in the sex industry and our motto is to help customers find the best doll that fits their fantasies and desires. This site is specifically designed to be very user friendly and easy to search through our catalog. Today, sex dolls are gaining traction in the media as a result of the great feedback customers provide and they simply can’t stop raving about how happy they are with their purchases.

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There are many reasons for buying a sex doll, but here are just a few of the many benefits:

-Easy sex with a beautiful girl anytime day or night
-No condoms ever needed
-No STDs
-No fear of pregnancy
-Your sex doll isn't needy and won't ask anything from you
-Helps improve sexual stamina
-Introduce something new to your sex life
-LOTS of fun
-Ability to purchase a variety of different girls

Buying a sex doll can be a daunting task at first, but understanding the various types and benefits of each will make your decision easier. Sex dolls at Shopoza are all made with natural, safe, and real silicone so that each gorgeous girl feels genuine and as close to the “real thing” as possible. The alternative to silicone sex dolls are cheap, plastic, or fully inflatable love dolls that lack the intricate features that make a sex doll look and feel like a real woman. Our sex dolls are semi-inflatable which means that the sex dolls are made mostly of pure silicone and are only slightly inflated making them very durable, flexible, easy to store, and lifelike. Conversely, fully inflatable sex dolls also feel horrible and nothing likes the real thing. Furthermore, fully inflatable love dolls are also fixed objects and cannot be manipulated into different positions. Our silicone sex dolls have limbs that move and bend to offer you so many different sexual positions.

Fully inflatable sex dolls are cheap, but they can pop very easily and then you wont have a doll anymore. Silicone sex dolls will last at least three to five years and have an amazing durability to them. If you're looking for something that feels like a real woman and looks like a real woman, then a silicone sex is the only way to go. Our product is made from top quality materials and our vaginas and anus are made with the most realistic silicone to give a truly authentic feel. These gorgeous dolls have moveable body parts so you can do whatever you’d like to them ;).

Our sex dolls are made to be very realistic; not only in looks, but also in how they can be positioned. You can bend their arms and legs to almost any position in order to ensure that you have the maximum pleasure from your experience. With her lifelike vagina and anus, as well as the feeling of real skin our dolls have, you can really let your imagination go wild. You are also able to dress them in whatever style or fashion you desire. Your beautiful babe is life sized and perfectly proportioned so she will look stunningly sexy in the lingerie or outfit you choose. You can cum anywhere you like and have oral sex, anal sex, and vaginal sex. It’s your world, she just lives in it!

Taking care of your sex doll to get the maximum use out of her is easy. After you have finished using her to your satisfaction, simply wash her off with warm water, which has a small amount of mild soap, added to it. Allow her to air dry completely before storing her back in her special place. A light dusting of talcum powder can be used to help keep the silicone feeling smooth and natural. It’s really that simple and maintenance is a piece of cake and takes very little time!

Our products are very intimate and personal and we understand that. That is why we ship in discreet packaging so you’ll never have to worry about neighbors or strangers knowing what the package is when it gets delivered. Confidentially and privacy is our top priority.

One of the many reasons we are able to provide the best prices and shopping experience in the marketplace is our efficient and organized manufacturing process, top quality materials, and our team of web programmers designed the website so you can find what you want and complete your check out in the most efficient and simple manner possible.

We have chosen the highest quality sex dolls on the market. You can count on the durability and the materials to be the best in the business and that’s without a doubt. Please read our description for further detail on the specifications.

Sex dolls are the total rave per our customers! We always are receiving messages about how good their experiences are. Also, most people find comfort in our customer service being very informative and helpful in the event you aren’t satisfied.

Sex dolls are the perfect addition for anyone looking to have fun by themselves or even with partners. It takes the bedroom activities to a new level that you never even knew existed. We have the best prices (Shop around!), so try it out and you can thank us after you realize what a game changer our sex dolls are to your life.

Most importantly, we have built this company on our high standards and top customer service. All of our customers’ personal information is safe, secure, and private. Under no circumstances, do we market your information to outside parties. We wouldn’t be in business for long if we didn’t ensure our customers were utterly satisfied with our company. We provide the best quality, lowest prices, best customer service, and privacy and confidentiality are our top priorities. We understand there are other competitors and are thankful for the opportunity to fulfill your sexual desires with our premium sex dolls.

 was formed with you, our customer, in mind. In support of the many ways that men differ from women, we decided to combine our years of experience with our desire to offer men what they need in order to experience a full and healthy life, Thus, Shopoza was born. While the focus of sex tends to fall squarely on the physical aspects most of the time - which are highly important to all men of course - we also want to acknowledge the other elements that contribute to better health and happiness for men.

Men are highly physical in nearly everything they do. There is no denying that core element of their existence. In order to stay sharp, vibrant and youthful, they need to be sexually engaged on a regular basis. Of course, there are many times when this might not be possible or even desirable for a particular man. This is where Shopoza enters the picture. The reasons why you might not be able to have sex when you want and need to are as varied as the men in the world. Many men are not in a relationship for any number of reasons. Some men simply do not want to contend with the inevitable disadvantages that so often crop up during these pairings with a woman. Other men find that they cannot find the right woman who possesses all the different traits that they want. Still others do not have the time to go out and cultivate a relationship.

In spite of what seems to be the pervasive attitude of many in the world such as the media and women, most men do not want to hop into bed and have sex with just any random woman. There are very real dangers when doing so that many men do not want to contend with. Even though the possibility of acquiring a sexually transmitted disease is probably the first thing to pop into one's mind, it is not the only concern. Some women feel a distinct sense of connection that occurs after having sex with a man, regardless of how long the two have known one another. This can lead to some awkward exchanges that a man might not want to even have to worry about. In addition, some women seem to become obsessed with a man which could lead to a situation where the man is being stalked by the woman in an effort to take the relationship to a more permanent level.

Using one of our sex dolls allows a man to get rid of his excess sexual energy and tension. In many cases, this type of activity can enable a man to refocus his attentions on other areas once his sexual needs have been taken care of in the proper manner. Many men report a sharpened sense of focus that allows them to find solutions to those vexing work problems, for example. When a man is traveling for work or pleasure, he often has a difficult time finding a woman to meet his needs. A sex doll is the ideal companion to bring along on any business trip to help make the time pass by much more quickly. Instead of having to be concerned with any issues from a real woman after dealing with a stressful day at work, a man only needs to pull out his sex doll for some engaging fun that will result in complete pleasure without any harmful side effects.

While using a sex doll while traveling is probably the most common time that men think about using them, a sex doll has a place in the home of any red-blooded man. Arriving home to the willing and sexy attentions of a sex doll that always acts the way a man wants her to is a great way to beat the stress of the day without putting himself at risk for harmful behaviors. A sex doll is a great social tool as well as lots of fun. Having a beautiful woman reclining on your coach, listening to every word you say as you are fixing dinner or getting settled for the night can help you learn to be more at ease around real women as well. These sex dolls are simply stunning to look at and they can be just what a shy or inexperienced man needs to help him reach the next level of fulfillment in his life.

One crucial way that a sex doll can help a man have a better life is by targeting premature ejaculation. This common problem is often caused by the over-excitement that a man feels when he is finally able to engage in the sex that he has been craving. This lack of control of his ejaculation is often successfully addressed by continuing to have sex on a regular basis. Using one of our anatomically correct sex dolls can help a man build up his sensitivity to sex so that he is better able to control his ejaculation.

Blow up dolls - an early predecessor of our much higher quality sex dolls - are simply no comparison to our far superior quality product. Often looked upon as a joke, blow up dolls simply cannot offer the discerning man the type of sexual experience that closely replicates that of having sex with a real woman. Fortunately, today's sex dolls are a far cry from the blow up dolls of the past. Designed with silicone for a look and feel that closely mimics that of a real woman, sex dolls provide a plethora of benefits that a man can enjoy as often as he desires if he purchases such a doll to keep in the privacy of his own home. With a range of different body styles and hair colors, today's sex dolls look a great deal like a real woman.